The art of Wooden Handicrafts

The art of Wooden Handicrafts

India is the land of culture, art, and diversity. It is one of the oldest culture and diversity in the world. The South, North, and Northeast have their own distinct culture and almost every state has carved out its own cultural niche. There is hardly any country in the world that has cultural diversity as India. The diversity of the country speaks through different elements such as the food, the people, the attire the craft and also the language. The culture is carved and demonstrated as the emotions and the feelings of the people. The art of carving is very ancient and sacred in India. India is also known for its handicrafts and artifacts. The handicrafts are made up of different metals and alloys. Wooden Handicrafts have a different demand altogether.

Each state in India contributes to a rising standard of handicrafts in India. The technique and the cultural imprints make the output sheer brilliance. Every part of India has its different culture and a different way to express itself. If we divide it geographically and with respect to the boundaries. Uttar Pradesh is known for its inlaid wooden crafts. The beautiful articles such as the dishes, bowls are inlaid in brass wires that are decorated with the help of the raw material which is available in the hilly regions. Madya Pradesh offers handicrafts which are mainly used as wall decor and as home furnishings. These handicrafts include wall hangings, windows panels, doors, angles, Furniture which are crafted with the help of woods such as teak, sal, etc.

If we come down to the southern part of India, A different side of the Wooden Handicrafts world is noticed here, the artisans mainly use sandalwood and rosewood if we talk about Karnataka in general. Artisans with expertise craft wooden items such as Jewel Boxes, Lampshades, trays, puppets and walking sticks as we move towards the south the detail in the art increases as the handicrafts show up.

Hence, we can see that the rich tradition of producing and carving wooden handicrafts in India has continued for years. The Indian wooden handicrafts speak so well about its culture, each and every article produced has a sense of attachment, meaning and feeling of the local artisans who have created it. These wooden handicrafts are used mainly as a part of home furnishings and in the modern days even as office decor. The art of wooden handicrafts is subtle yet very eccentric. The local artisans do it for the love of their culture to maintain the cultural hierarchy.

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