About us


KREESO – Kendra of Rural India Empowering Employment to Self-help groups via their Offerings.

KREESO is an ecosystem of quality products made in India by rural artisans & self help groups, both qualified to be an NGO, from across India.

Powered by Social entrepreneurs who has an idea and run with it because we are driven, ambitious and want to make some sort of lasting social impact. We have a dream that we want to achieve and a plan for how to achieve it. The dream is the vision; the plan is the mission.

Our endeavour is to build Corporate Sustainability in our Social Enterprise that creates long-term shareholder* value by embracing opportunities and managing risks deriving from economic, environmental and social developments.
(* Partenered NGO, Investors, Advisors, Founders, Employees, Support Partners, etc.)

We identify products from best and reliable NGO sources and collaborate with them to sell in Retail and bulk. We are a P2C (Producer to Consumer) portal for Indian products. We offer our customer’s quality products, excellent service and one of a kind shopping experience.


Our Mission


KREESO has a dual mission:
• KREESO as an “enabler” to be instrumental in the creation of livelihood support systems, trading and capacity building for the rural poor and marginalized communities i.e.* Local Artisans, Self Help Groups and NGO’s in product making business
• KREESO as an “aggregator” to bundle support service offerings of local producer groups* with Tech interface to Retail consumers and Corporates for bulk orders.


Our Goal


KREESO Goal, as the name elaboartes is to be the Leader with a focused approach in its offerings tethered by Technology in its first 1000 days of Operation.

KREESO, Social Entrepreneurship has four main Objectives that serve as the heart of its offering/program and that are practiced across stakeholders.

• Ethics and values –

As behind the scene Stakeholders we work under ethical principles for business and for working in community and will demonstrate the ability to integrate values into all processes and to be responsibly engaged with NGO communities.

• Cultural, Political, and Social Understanding—

Partnered NGO will acquire an understanding of social, political and cultural frameworks while developing their own market in KREESO as an aggregator, will demonstrate the ability to apply this knowledge to the assessment of enhancing livelihood of all who are part of each of the NGO individually.

• Product planning –

KREESO Stakeholders will be expected to develop a full understanding of how to create and utilize a product plan that includes sustainability.

• Managing and Sustaining an entrepreneurial initiative –

KREESO, The Social entrepreneurship has emerged as a way to identify and bring about potentially transformative societal change, hence, our venture is adhered to both social goals and stiff financial constraints belived with the following Two Keys to Sustainable Social Enterprise
o The Actors: Social and economic problems often reflect an imbalance of power among the economic actors involved.
o The Technology: Economic and social agents use structures, business models, and tools to achieve their desired ends in an existing equilibrium. The actors and their means of operating—the engagement “technologies” they use—combine to make the equilibrium unjust and suboptimal.


Our Philosophy


Bringing the urban market to rural India

Kreeso products offers contemporary designs, all reasonably priced. Proceeds from sales help these artisans help themselves – Kreeso’s mission as an enabler is to encourage from less privileged backgrounds to acquire new skills; to give them the self-confidence and self-esteem required to earn by their own industry and initiative; and to enable them to carry this newly discovered skill and confidence into the wider world.

Kreeso strives to bring the traditions of India to customers all around the world which are predominantly coined as Retail Consumers and also to Corporates for bulk Orders, with its unique creations and products. It not only helps its artisans become wage earners, but also spreads awareness about the traditional crafts of the region each NGO represents, thus helping preserve a rich part of India’s national cultural heritage and livelihood.