5 minimalistic outfits

5 minimalistic outfits

Ganesh Chaturthi is one of the most pre-eminent festivals celebrated in India. It usually falls in the month of August or September and is celebrated for 11 days. This festival honors the birth of Lord Ganesha who is said to be the god of Good Fortune. The cities of India gather on the street to welcome Lord Ganesha and enjoy this 11 day of fun and festivity. People usually get a clay idol of Lord Ganesha at their homes and worship it every day, on the 11th day these idols are then submerged into the nearby water bodies. People are very excited about this festival as they get to enjoy the company of Lord Ganesh as well as their family and friends who visit to seek god’s blessing. This festival is celebrated in every single corner of the city, locals get their own idols for their own areas, societies, where devotees from all over the city visit them. Ganesh Chaturthi is a festival wherein the main aim is to practice unity & togetherness.

Most of the people get the Ganesh idols at their house, for this, a lot of arrangements are been done. One of the major/important arrangements is buying new traditional clothes. For females, especially traditional wear is a must. Females have a lot of options in terms of dressing up as well as options to buy Kurti online or for that matter any other outfit, but we have 5 outfit minimalistic outfit ideas that will help you be comfortable and yet look fashionable during the festival day.

5 Minimalistic Ideas

1.Long Kurti with palazzo
One of the most comfortable and very stylish looking traditional outfits is a long Kurti with a palazzo, it’s trending as well as perfect for all Indian occasions. A long dark-colored Kurti is something that you can buy online. Most of the people who buy Kurti online are scared about the fitting, but don’t worry here a regular fit would also look just as fine as a fitted one. Pair this dark Kurti with a white or cream-colored palazzo’s and simple long earrings, and you are all set to go.

2.Full-length Kurti with embroidery dupatta

Another trending traditional wear is simple full-length Kurti with an embroidery dupatta, it’s a very minimalistic outfit. It’s very comfortable at the same time it is perfect for day or night functions, just pair it with a simple statement earning. Full-length Kurtis is available in a wide range of color and material, choose one as per your skin tone and trust us it’s a must-have outfit for every girl.

3. Crop tops over Palazzo
Yes, you read it right! Palazzo’s are very trendy these days. They are available in different colors, patterns, and even with laces. Crop tops are something which every girl has, so just pair them with a cream-colored Palazzo and you are ready for your festive day.

4. Lucknowi Kurti with leggings
Something which is very elegant yet so classic is the Lucknowi chikankari Kurtis, this Kurtis will be the star of the show. Light colors are preferable over light-colored leggings. Pair them with long pearl earrings and matching necklace and you are ready to rock the floor.

5. Long shrugs (We don’t have long shrug image – Kindly suggest )
Traditional wear is not always a heavy outfit or jewelry, sometimes you have to keep it simple and minimalistic. Here is where the long shrugs come into the picture, they are very comfortable and so you can wear it with casual jeans with a simple sleeveless Kurti and a long shrug with little ethnic embroidery work. This outfit will be completed with a pair of nudes pumps and you are ready for the long festive day.

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